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Spiral shaver


When the carcass comes out of the scalding pool, it is automatically unhooked by the unhooking device and then enters the input chute of the hairdressing machine, and then enters the hairdressing machine. The hair beater is equipped with two shave shafts, and the shaver is installed on the shaft to perform all-round hair removal on the carcass. The rotating movement of the hair-cutting shaft and the spiral U-shaped rod structure ensure that the carcass passes through the hair-cutting machine smoothly. There is a water jet in the hair-beating machine to improve the hair-beating effect and flush the residual hair that has fallen off. The spray water flows into the storage tank at the lower part of the hair removal machine, and is reheated in the storage tank and then pumped back to the hair removal machine for recycling. The shed pig hair falls into the pig hair conveyor at the lower part of the machine, and is sent out through the pig hair conveyor.


Adopt hot-dip galvanized structure. The main frame is made of 10mm thick steel plate and 140×140 square tube

U plate

Integral welding parts, the U-shaped plate installed between the star wheels is suspended on the upper part of the main frame, so that the shed pig hair can easily fall into the pig hair conveyor below without causing the pig hair to accumulate. The U-shaped plate has a thickness of 25mm.

Sprinkler System

The fluffing machine is equipped with two spray systems

l Two water pipes are installed on the top of the slaughter machine, which are connected to the cold water pipeline of the slaughterhouse. There is a nozzle on the water pipe, which is used for cleaning the machine.

l A main water pipe is placed above the hair dryer and connected to the hot water system for spraying the carcass. The system is connected to the hot pool of the hair dryer

l A spraying device is installed at the exit terminal of the hairdressing machine to spray the carcass with purified water again

Technical data:

l Overall dimensions of the hair-cutting machine: 3200×1940×2150mm

l Main drive motor power: 2×16.5kw

l Water supply: 2×76 galvanized round pipe

Shaved rubber (service life ≥300,000 pigs)