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1. The live cattle enter the pneumatic flap box from the cattle driveway, and after two flaps, they are hung and released after bleeding according to the halal standard.
2. After the live cattle are tied to their legs, the cattle hoist is used to automatically hang them and enter the bloodletting track automatically to ensure the safety of the operators and reduce the labor intensity of the operators, and increase the cattle slaughter output.
3. The track of all aerial cattle automatic conveyor (line) adopts a box-type closed track, and the rollers that walk on the track adopt polymer wear-resistant nylon wheels, which will not produce "iron-iron" friction and loud noise, and avoid the production of iron The object fell on the carcass of the cow. The chain tensioning device adopts airbag tensioning, that is, automatic tensioning, which reduces the labor intensity and safety of equipment maintenance personnel.
4. The roller bloodletting chain after the cattle is re-hanged can automatically return to the operator's place of operation to avoid accidentally smashing the floor of the workshop during manual transportation and transportation.
5. After one pre-stripping, the pneumatic transfer is used to lift the rail from the bloodletting line to the carcass line. After the second pre-stripping, the legs are hung into the elevator carcass line into the rail to improve efficiency and reduce physical strength.
6. The carcass processing conveyor adopts 12 stations to ensure that the operator has a clear position and avoid cross-contamination. The machine is designed with two legs, the first leg (distance between legs: 500mm): from entering the conveying to the peeling The end, to prevent damage to the hind leg meat during the peeling process; the second leg support (leg spacing: 1000mm): from peeling to the end of the half, it is convenient to open the chest, take the white dirt, take the red dirt and half.
7. The cowhide is sent to the cowhide room through the air conveying system; the stomach content is sent to a place 50 meters away from the workshop through the air conveying system. Ensure the hygiene of the workshop and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
8. The cut ox head and hooves enter the room between the ox head and hooves, and the red organs taken out are hung on the hooks of the quarantine conveyor to realize the sanitary quarantine process.
9. After being positioned by the pneumatic chute, the taken-out white dirt will accurately enter the tray of the white dirt quarantine conveyor to realize the sanitary quarantine process. Design an automatic separation device for white viscera to separate qualified white viscera from diseased white viscera.
10. The red dirt taken out is automatically transported to the red dirt room by the red dirt conveyor.
11. During the carcass quarantine process, the quarantined cattle body is transferred to the diseased track system for re-inspection through the pneumatic switch.
12. Carcass processing conveyor, cattle red dirty conveyor and white dirty quarantine conveyor run synchronously to ensure synchronous quarantine of cattle carcass, red dirty and white dirty.
13. The cattle slaughter and processing equipment and production line are controlled by a central control system, and the control cabinet is placed in a separate dry room.
14. Installation method of aerial production line and primary main beam: bolt connection.
15. The way to change the quadruple body: adopt a rear leg lowering machine and a front leg hoist to complete together. It is easy to operate, reduces the labor intensity of the operator, and increases the speed of changing the quadrant.
16. Design apron cleaners in the assassination, cutting, red and white dirty work stations; design disinfection devices at the pre-stripping, chest opening, half-cutting, and quarter-changing stations; other operating stations are designed with knives The wash basin of the disinfection device; it is easy to clean and disinfect to ensure food hygiene.
17. The pneumatic white dirty chute, the white dirty tray and the red dirty hook are designed with a sterilization box on the automatic conveyor to facilitate cleaning and disinfection and ensure food hygiene.
18. The temperature of the half-finished beef slices is automatically rinsed to lower the temperature to make the meat better.