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1. After the live sheep is hung, the imam will be assassinated and bleed. The whole process conforms to the halal slaughter procedure, and the operation is simple.
2. The tracks of all aerial sheep automatic conveyors (lines) adopt closed tracks, among which the bloodletting conveyor, hind leg pre-stripping conveyor, peeling conveyor, carcass processing conveyor and sanitary inspection conveyor are made of stainless steel. Galvanized anchor chain with a pitch of 1200; the chain tensioning device adopts cylinder tensioning and airbag tensioning (sanitary inspection line), that is, automatic tensioning, reducing the labor intensity and safety of equipment maintenance personnel.
3. Equipped with a return line, the double-track pulley can return to the initial position.
4. Sheep bloodletting is hung with anklet chains. After the bloodletting, the legs are hung on the rails, which is convenient for hanging four hoofs and pre-stripping.
5. The bloodletting line, the pre-stripping line, the peeling line, the carcass line and the sanitary inspection line realize five-line synchronous operation, and the sheep hanging distance is 1200mm. The pre-peeling method adopts the method of hanging the four hooves of the lamb with the abdomen of the lamb facing upwards to balance the pre-peeling method.
6. The sheepskin is sent into the sheepskin room by the conveyor; the stomach contents are sent to a place 100 meters away from the workshop by the air conveying system. Ensure the hygiene of the workshop and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
7. Multiple operation buttons are designed in the position of the bloodletting line, pre-stripping line and peeling line. It is convenient for workers to perform emergency stop operations based on output.
8. The removed red and white dirt are put on the hooks of the red and white dirt quarantine conveyor and in the tray to realize the sanitation and quarantine process. The red and white dirt quarantine conveyor adopts airbags to stretch into the chain.
9. In the process of carcass quarantine, the quarantined sheep are transferred to the sick track system through the switch.
10. The control of the sheep slaughter and processing equipment and production line adopts a central control system for centralized control, and the control cabinet is placed in a separate dry room.
11. Installation method of aerial production line and primary main beam: bolt connection.
12. Design apron cleaners for assassination, head cutting, red dirt removal, white dirt removal and segmentation stations; design disinfection devices for chest opening, front and rear hoof removal and loose skin stations; design tool disinfection devices for other operating stations The wash basin is easy to clean and disinfect to ensure food hygiene.
13. The white dirty tray and the red dirty hook are designed with a disinfection box on the automatic conveyor to facilitate cleaning and disinfection and ensure food hygiene.