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1. The hairy pig is quickly raised to the bloodletting track using a slope hoist to increase production capacity and output.
2. The track of the piglet bloodletting conveyor (line) adopts a box-type closed track, and the rollers that walk on the track adopt polymer wear-resistant nylon wheels, which will not produce "iron-iron" friction and loud noise, and avoid the production of iron Land on the pig carcass. The drive adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the chain tensioning device adopts airbag tensioning, that is, automatic tensioning, which reduces the labor intensity and safety of equipment maintenance personnel.
3. Before the pig body enters the bloodletting automatic conveyor (line), a pneumatic entry device is designed to ensure that a propeller only pushes a hook for hanging pigs, ensuring that the operator and staff are clearly positioned, avoiding cross-contamination, and avoiding a propeller. The phenomenon of pushing multiple pig bodies causes inconvenience in operation and damage to the production line.
4. The pre-cleaning machine, pre-drying machine and polishing machine are made of stainless steel plate by bending and welding as a whole. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel drum, and the rotating drum is equipped with a rotating toothed whip to make pig washing and beating cleaner and more comprehensive. .
5. Scalding method: using European-style canal scalding pool for scalding. Compared with traditional hot water scalding, the advantages: 1. The canal scalding efficiency is high, and the distance between hanging pigs is only 800; 2. Using circulating water system, it is compatible with pigs The direction is the same to reduce the phenomenon of pig dropping; 3. Labor saving 6. Hair-cutting method: adopt a two-stage spiral hair-cutting machine, one hair-cutting machine is used for left-handed hairing, and the other is for right-handed hair. The pig enters from the head of one haircutting machine and exits from the tail of the other haircutting machine. The haircutting effect of the pigs is better, and the haircutting rate is ≧95%, which greatly improves the output of pig haircutting.
7. A pig hair output system is designed under the hair-cutting machine. The pig hair conveying adopts a spiral propulsion method, which gets rid of the phenomenon that the traditional shaving chain is often interrupted and stopped in time, so that the pig hair is transported to the collection tank of the pig hair air conveying system. Inside, the collected pig hair is sent to the pig hair collection room through the air conveying system. Ensure the hygiene of the workshop and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
8. The singeing stove uses the singeing stove to automatically singe, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and makes it safer.
9. The carcass processing conveyor adopts 10# I-beam rails with P100 detachable chains. The automatic line adopts pneumatic automatic tensioning, that is, airbag tensioning, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and ensures that the chain is at a proper tightness. Direct-connected motor reducer reduces the failure rate.